about stopknots  

They say necessity is the mother of invention. In this case, it was actually my own mother who insisted on the necessity of this invention! My mom found herself constantly pulling knotted and tangled earbuds out of her handbag.

Quite often it would be when I would call her. I would several long minutes while she untangled them so we could chat.

In talking to friends and colleagues I discovered all were having a similar problem.
Some had solved the tangling issue with spool style gadgets that you wrap your earbuds around. Others would try and use the teeny tiny clip that is part of the earbuds – but everyone agrees this is a pain to use. There are some very novel concepts on the market, but nothing as simple and effective as the StopKnot™.

It’s made of a specially formulated non-toxic silicone polymer. Everyone that tries
the StopKnot™ agrees that it is the best solution on the market. We hope you will agree as well and ORDER yours today.

Thank you,
Garret Glaser

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